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We Can All Geocache

It almost doesn’t matter how old you are. Geocaching is for kids, teens, young adults, grown ups and for the really grown up folks.

About Geocaching - hidden geocache - www.about-geocaching.com You can just see the base of a geocache in the picture above. A geocacher has taken a one-gallon plastic bottle, spray painted it camo-green, and tucked it well into a saw palmetto grove off a side road, in Florida. We found it using our GPS and the co-ordinates that the CO had uploaded to the geocaching website. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the lingo yet. It comes to you pretty quickly once you start geocaching.

Geocaching can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year, in all countries around the world, and if you can get there, even off world too! More on the “off world” part farther along in this site.

As a player you are seeking geocache “treasure” which is hidden somewhere. You will use some simple technology (known as a GPS) or your smart phone, with a really inexpensive app, to identify and find the hidden goodies.

What is Geocaching about?

It’s all about finding treasure hidden in the most unlikely spots you can imagine.

Real treasure? Well you won’t get monetarily rich playing geocaching, but you WILL store up treasured memories of places been, people met, and experiences enjoyed whether all by yourself, with a partner, or a group.

When you become a seasoned player,  you can also become a geocacher. Have lots of enjoyment and meet folks by hiding geocache treasures in as devious a manner as you can, to foil those of us seeking to find and log your hidden geocache.

Spend minutes, hours or days playing. It’s entirely up to you, your level of available time, and how exciting you find the whole geocaching process.

Geocaching is a great leveler.

Our friend Ron (almost 12,000 caches found and still hunting) says geocaching is a great leveler.

“Geocaching is played by presidents of companies, business owners, home care workers, doctors, students, retired people… folks from all walks of and all income levels in life. Searching for that little plastic container brings us all to the same level,” says Ron. As far as we are concerned, Ron is right on!

Best Benefit of Geocaching?

What’s the best benefit of geocaching? After playing the game for some time we came to realize that the best benefit of geocaching is that the pursuit of the hidden geocache, wherever you are in the world, will take you down roads and into areas that you would not normally go…  ever!

As a result we have seen some gorgeous country, watched mini-deer playing in a field, scratched between the ears of some placid donkeys, enjoyed a sunset over an inland slough, seen parts of this earth that we would not ordinarily even have known were there, let alone gone to, all because we took the time to follow the coords and chase down another geocache.

Adjacent to the geocache was a corral of these little critters. <br />All wandered over for a head scratch. We wouldn't have<br /> seen them at all if we weren't geocaching.

Adjacent to one geocache we were searching for was a corral of these little critters. All of them wandered over for a head scratch. We wouldn’t have seen them at all if we weren’t geocaching.

A GPS Device is Needed

When you geocache you will need a device called a GPS. GPS is the short form for global positioning system.

The hand-held GPS pinpoints a location on earth by talking to, and referencing from, a number of satellites up in space. Other folks download an app and use their smart phones as a GPS to find geocaches.

In the weeds - www.about-geocaching.com

In this image, a couple of geocachers have tracked down the GZ, deep in the weeds near a fallen tree trunk.


Hiding in plain site. Tucked in behind a Tee rail this film canister contains both the log and some geocache swag. Found it yet

This cache was hiding almost in plain site. Tucked in behind a Tee rail this film canister contains both the log and some geocache swag. Found it yet?

Using the published coords of the millions of caches already hidden and ready to find, the GPS will get you to the immediate area where a geocache has been hidden, and then, all you have to do is find it!

There are many types of GPS devices. Are you a bit confused about what GPS to get? No worries. Lots of information about various GPS devices is included here in the pages of About-Geocaching.com.

What Else is Here on About Geocaching.com?

On this site we’ll talk about what a geocache is and provide tips on how to find them.

We’ll take you into the realm of making your own caches too if you want to create challenging geocaches for others to find.

We’ll talk about Travel Bugs and other types of cache goodies you might find in a cache or choose to leave behind for others to discover.

As you read the pages of this site we’ll use many of the terms that geocachers use, and the short forms of those words so you will become familiar with them. Soon you won’t need to  feel self-conscious when talking about geocaching coords, CO’s and so on. Not sure what a geocaching term means? just visit  the geocaching terms page for a complete definition.

A hollowed out fence post in the corner of a farmer's field was GZ for this cache.

A hollowed out fence post in the corner of a farmer’s field was GZ for this cache.

It was good friends that introduced us to this great, family oriented, environmentally friendly game. Those folks are still great friends, and now we have one more thing to do along with them when we get together.

We welcome you to the world of Geocaching. There are almost 6 millions of us around the world searching for, finding, and logging the way more than 2 million geocaches already hidden and waiting for you to locate them.

Let your GPS and the desire to find the next geocache help you navigate roads that you might never ordinarily travel. Follow those geocaching coords and find the hidden geocache when you get there.

When you learn about geocaching we expect you’ll find you will enjoy this activity as much as we do.

Got a favorite GPS for geocaching? Please provide details below.

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