Adventure In Geocaching

Recently we had one, and we suspect, many folks have had an adventure in geocaching.

This is the story of our recent geocaching adventure. Perhaps not the most exciting one ever, but an adventure for us nonetheless. A great day chasing down geocaches in a slightly different fashion.

Perhaps reading our story might remind you of a geocaching adventure of your own? If so, we sure do invite you to add your geocaching adventure story as a comment in the form below, particularly if you have had an unusual or exciting time chasing those little bisons, lock & locks etc. and racking up the smileys!

The Villages Adventure in Geocaching

We had the good fortune to be spending some time in the Orlando area. North of Orlando there is a series of  residential areas known as The Villages. The image below,  from Google maps, shows them. To find the area this map shows, simply search for The Villages Florida on Google maps.

Adventures in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando FloridaThe villages cover quite a large area. What is – perhaps – unique about them is The Villages were designed throughout for cars and for golf carts. All of the residential areas are connected by roads and most are connected too by golf cart paths upon which cars cannot go, but golf carts, bicycles and pedestrians can.

Our adventure in geocaching began by downloading a pocket query based on a cache located in the center of The Villages. We loaded up the car and drove there and rented a four-seater golf cart from what is reputed to be the largest golf cart (though they call them golf cars here) dealership in the world. It’s right in the center of The Villages. They have hundreds of carts, and dozens of golf cars in the showroom. If you haven’t seen these, you will be amazed by Rolls Royce golf cart lookalikes, antique car shapes, pickup truck golf carts, multi-seaters… if you can envisage the perfect golf cart, these folks likely have it on the floor ready to sell you. Very cool, and a one day rental of a four seater split amongst two couples was less than $10 per person for the day!

Adventures in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando Florida

Ask for The Villages map

If you decide to undertake this adventure yourself, make sure to ask the dealership, or wherever you rent your cart as there are other rental locations close by, for a map of the villages. The GPS works very well, but a handy reference open while you are tooling around the miles of golf cart paths sure helps as not all cart paths are shown on GPS displays.

Load up the cart with essential liquids and foods of choice, GPS’s ready, and you’re off!

Adventures in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando FloridaOur first search was only a couple of hundred yards from the golf cart rental store. It was located at a covered bridge near the center of The Villages, a bridge spanning a lock on Lake Sumter. It was a lovely location to start our hunt, a part of which can be seen below, and we got the smiley thanks to a tip from a veteran geocacher!

Adventure in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando FloridaIt’s not just chasing the geocaches and racking up the finds in The Villages, which we did do, by the way. It’s the fact that seeing end enjoying the search from a golf cart was an adventure.

It was faster than walking – which would take you days to cover what we did in one in the cart – and a whole lot slower than driving the car. Driving the car means that the driver cannot enjoy the wonderful flowers, the gorgeous homes, the recreation facilities every area boasts, the parks, the picnic areas… and more. The golf cart’s pace gave us all the the time to enjoy The Villages’ experience as we sifted along the golf cart pathways and drove in the golf cart lanes where cars and carts shared the roads.

In this next image, we’re tracking a cache, and as a result had the occasion to chat with a gentleman fishing from this dock. A really nice chat, and at the same time, we saw a couple of 1 1/2 foot long largemouth bass circling his bait in the lake.

Adventure in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando FloridaYou’ve seen amazing things geocaching, we know.

We suspect that many of you have had geocaching adventures far more exciting than this one. Why not take a moment to tell us about it, using the form below?

How did we do? Have a look at the map copied from our account on after we had posted our finds. Not bad, huh?

Adventure in Geocaching in The Villages near Orlando Florida - here are our smileysWe would never had the opportunity of exploring The Villages the way we did had it not been for the chase of the smiley prompting us onwards! On this adventure in geocaching sharing the day with geocaching friends made it all that more worthwhile as well.

What a great pastime geocaching is.

Why not share your geocaching adventure, with photos, with us, using the form below.

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