Discovering A Trackable

Geocaching is all about finding a well hidden container using GPS coords, isn’t it?  But what if there was no container? What if you could play a game without using a GPS? What if the container of the trackable was the trackable itself? That’s where the game discovering a trackable comes into the picture.

Discovering a trackable doesn’t have to include finding a geocache container, though often it does.

To play the ” Discovering a Trackable game “, in any geocaches you find, watch for a trackable item. Rather than taking the trackable with you, simply make a note of the number.

In your daily travels watch for the characteristic logo of the travel bug. You will start to see them everywhere,  identifying fellow geocachers to those of us “in the know”. Make a note of that trackable number found under the trackable logo.

Travel bug logo - discovering a trackable

When you see this logo, there will be a 6 digit number on it. Make a note of that number and then discover it at

 Where do I find trackables?

  • in many geocache containers
  • on windows or doors of homes
  • on the rear windows, doors or bumpers of vehicles
  • seen one on the back of a baby stroller once
  • we understand that some keeners have a trackable number tattooed on their skin?
  • almost anywhere the distinctive logo and identity number can be pasted, someone will have pasted one

 When you have found a trackable and noted the number, then what?

Go to your account at If you don’t have one, no worries, you can sign up when you get there, and opt for the free version over the premium version if you wish.

Once you have logged in, click on the Play button at the top, and then mouse down to  Find Trackables. We have added a red dot beside it in the image. Click on that link.

discovering a trackable link on

When you get to the Finding Trackables page, scroll down until you see the following. The red dot indicates the area into which you can type the identifying number you noted from the trackable you spotted, and if you copied and typed that number correctly, and if that trackable is still in the game, it will take you to a page about that trackable.

Discovering a trackable sign in pageYou can see from the image above that you can find a trackable by the tracking code, or by the trackable name, and if you are inclined to create your own trackable, after you have obtained the number, you can activate yours.

After inputting the code of the trackable you discovered, you will arrive at a page like the following, and, if you click the link beside the red dot we have added to the image below, you can Found It/Log It.

Discovering a trackableAnd that’s how you play the game.

No need to have a GPS if you don’t want one, though you will not be able to find trackables in geocache containers without one.

Simply keep your eyes open in your day to day travels, and anytime you see the distinctive trackable logo, make a note of the number, visit when you get to your computer, and log that you have discovered a trackable.

Thousands of folks around the world play the geocaching game by simply discovering a trackable. Care to join them?

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