Found A Geocache

What to do now that you’ve found a geocache?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a micro – or a magnificently large geocache container, there’s always a bit of excitement when you spot the treasure lurking under some leaves, in the nook of a tree trunk, hanging from a branch, wherever you found a geocache.

Open it up, of course!

Yup, the first step is open the geocache container and see what’s inside.

What you will find, typically, is a geo-log sheet, maybe a pen or pencil, and depending on the size of the container, there might even be some trinkets left behind by other geocachers that have visited this find. Some of the swag might be a geocoin or travel bug.

Found a geocache - extra large geocache container

Not all geocache containers are as big as this one!

Now that you have found a geocache

Once it’s opened up you want to find and sign the log. In the event that there is ever any issue that arises about you actually finding the geocache container or not, the log signed by you will provide proof that you’ve been there and done that!

Not that we expect that many CO’s care one way or the other. If you, for some bizarre reason, want to falsify visiting a cache, there is not much to stop you. Unless, perhaps, you’re in the race for the geocacher with the most finds ever!  Then a CO might check the log to see if you’ve actually signed it, proving that you were there. If the CO cannot find your signature on the log, they have the ability to cancel your “found it” log.

Take or not to take some geocache swag

Well, if you do take something you want as a keepsake from a geocache, courtesy suggests you leave something as well. Some folks leave geocoins. Others, trinkets of some sort. Some people leave money (bent pennies for example) as geocache swag. Others leave a travel bug. There’s almost no limit, except for geocontainer size, that determines what you could possibly find inside a geocache.
Take something? If you wish. Leave something, also if you wish.

Next steps

We usually keep a bottle of anti-bacterial hand cleaner in our geocache kit, so a dab of that is our usual next step, after we’ve closed up the geocontainer and placed it carefully back where found. If it is clear that the container was covered by leaves and branches, we make sure to do that too. Was it tucked way back in a crevice? That’s where we’ll return it to.

Once you have found a geocache, when you get back to your home base, log in to your geocache account on line, and log the find, or the DNF, if that’s the case. This updates your statistics, and, next time you download a pocket query, if you select not to include caches that you have already found, then by logging each find, these logged finds will now automatically be excluded from the next pocket query for the same area, ensuring that you have a steady stream of new geocaches to find next time you head out.

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