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If you are a member of, you are probably getting weekly emails from them. In those emails are, among much more information,  notifications of upcoming geocaching events.

Along with a brief description the email also provides a link to even more information about a specific geocaching event.

Geocaching events may be simple in nature, or they may be huge mega events involving hundreds of geocachers. Or, and these are much less frequent, there are Giga-Events. To be considered as a Giga-Event there must be at least 5,000 pre-registered attendees.

On a much more humble scale, we recently attended a “meet & eat” event near where we stay.

What’s a meet & eat event?

A geocaching couple from another country were visiting here. They didn’t know anyone, were spending a couple of weeks in the area, and wanted to hang out with some local geocachers. So, they created a geocaching event. A meat and eat event.

It was held at a local well-known restaurant (hence the eat part).

Once their event concept was OK’d by the geocache reviewer and all information had been provided to, the event then popped up on the next weekly newsletter from geocaching. We saw the notification, took a look at the details, thought it was worthwhile and fun, and visited the GC code on The GC code is the code number assigned to a geocache (or event) by

At the listing for this “geocache”, rather than logging it as “found”, we selected “will attend” and provided information in the log for that event about how many of us would be going. This made it easier for the event planner to insure there was enough room for us all at the location.

On the day of the meet & eat we arrived at the requested time, said hello to a whole bunch of like-minded geocachers, had some great conversations with some of them, and enjoyed a good meal. Lots of fun.

Geocaching container -

On the way too and from a geocaching event is a good time to chase a few more geocaches.

So, next time you are travelling to a spot where you don’t know anyone, why not set up a meet & eat geocaching event. You’ll meet some real nice people and maybe get a real good meal too!

Just make sure your event meets the geocaching criteria for an event. Before you spend too much time on setting an event up, why not read up on the event requirements? Copy and paste this URL into your browser and then scroll down to the events section: .

Preparing for attending a geocaching event

Geocaching events can be held almost anywhere, and for a host of reasons.

It makes sense then to read up on the one you are planning to attend, and make sure you are dressed for the environment for where it is and the time of year it is. Spring or Fall events may require warmer clothes or rain gear. Some events are held at night, and you’ll want a flashlight as part of your kit.

Make sure to bring you hand held GPS and know how to enter latitude and longitude coordinates, as oftentimes events will have new geocaches hidden – to be revealed only on the day of the event, and lists of coords are provided for attendees.

Other things that fellow geocachers bring are lapel badges with their  geocaching name and usually their real name too. There could be a bunch of folks at a geocaching event, and remembering everybody’s name as the event unfolds can be a bit of a challenge. A badge helps.

Do you have commemorative coins or give-aways? Lots of folks bring them. At our recent event one person was giving each attendee a bent penny. It seems their geocaching “handle” is Bent Penny, and that’s how that person marks that they have visited a geocache container that is big enough to take it, by leaving a bent penny in each. Neat!

You can be as involved in a geocaching event as you wish, or just show up to observe. Your choice. Yet geocaching events are another pleasurable  dimension  available to those involved in our wonderful world of geocaching.

So take in an event or three. You’ll be glad you did.

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