Geocaching Is Good For Business

The geocaching game continues to grow world-wide, and that means geocaching is good for business!

How can the geocaching game be good for business, you may ask? To understand that is to ask yourself, if a lot more people visited my place of business, might I get benefit?

Or, how about, if my place of business is not well known, off the beaten track, in my home – for example – how do I attract new customers. In a word, Geocaching.

Companies throughout the world are using the hunt for the “little lock & lock” to bring dozens, hundreds and even thousands of new visitors to their place of business.

You can do this too.


Geocaching is good for business - hidden in a tree near a shop -

Geocache hidden in a tree in a parking lot of a business.


Geocaching Is Good For Business!

First, use this site to thoroughly understand what geocaching is all about if you are not already familiar with the game.

Second, consider what is unique, interesting, funky, unusual or attractive about your business, if you can pinpoint a geocaching hook. If not, no worries, you can still use geocaching to bring people to your door.

Third, register a geocaching account. See the page “who runs geocaching” for information about how to do that.

Fourth, create a geocache container filled with goodies like — coupons for your business, a free trinket, a coffee shop card, a discount card for your shop — the skies the limit for what you can put in your geocache, that and the container size, of course. Include a log (download one free from this site) and a writing implement, again, if the container is big enough.

Fifth, hide your geocache container in a spot that is accessible 24/7, has safe parking nearby, is not within 1,000 feet of a school or within 600′ (200 meters) from another geocache.

Sixth, register your geocache with the governing body. Once approved, they will publish the new cache, and soon you will have many eager geocachers heading for your geocache, and if it is strategically placed, your business.

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