Geomate Jr Hand Held GPS

As far as we are concerned, the Geomate Jr hand held GPS (global positioning system) is an entry level GPS.

That’s not saying it’s bad. It is saying that the Geomate Jr hand held GPS is relatively low cost as a new unit, is the lowest cost GPS for you if you can find one that’s used in good condition, and is an ideal hand held GPS to get you into the geocaching game.

If money is no object, and tinkering with higher tech gadgetry is a pleasure, then you don’t want a Geomate Jr GPS system.

However, if you are like the rest of us (;-) – or you are just starting out with geocaching and not quite sure what it’s all about – then the Geomate Jr GPS System is likely the right hand held GPS for you.

Entry level hand held GPS - the Geomater Jr.If you have the kit as shown in the photo below, the only additional thing you will need will be two “AAA” batteries to power it up.

Geomate Jr hand held GPS systemThe photo shows the Geomate Jr on the right, and the optional update cord on the left. The update cord is used to connect the Geomate Jr to the computer to enable you to download updated GPS location files.

Just the Geomate Jr & no update kit?

Don’t have the update kit but just a Geomate JR? Initially hat’s not really a problem.  To get started geocaching, you do not need buy the entire Geomate Jr GPS system as shown above since the Geomate Jr comes preloaded with a quarter of a million caches located throughout the continental U.S., you are ready to start chasing caches as soon as you add the two “AAA” batteries and turn it on.

You will want the Geomate Jr update kit (should cost you no more than $25-$30 plus shipping) if you wish to update the  information that comes installed on your Geomate Jr.

Why update the GPS information then?

Well, if your GPS database is months old, a lot of newer caches that have been hidden by cache owners around North America will not be listed on your Geomate Jr.

Additionally, geocaches get archived or retired regularly (taken out of the database) and you may find yourself spending a long time searching for a cache that shows up on your Geomate Jr. but is no longer really there. Updating your Geomate Jr will help prevent this (but won’t stop it entirely) from happening.

You will want the update kit too if you are planning on using the Geomate Jr in another country and want to update the cache information for that location, assuming there is a database available for that country.

Using your Geomate Jr

After you have installed the two “AAA” batteries, you turn on your Geomate Jr by depressing and holding the button on the top left of the Geomate Jr for two seconds, then release the button.

The screen will light up with a welcome HELLO. The Geomate Jr will then indicate that it is searching for satellites to connect to. It will connect to a number of satellites, and using them as a reference point, the Geomate Jr will then direct you to the closest cache first.

It may take 2-4 minutes for the Geomate Jr to locate and connect to enough satellites to give you a direction to the closest cache. That feels like a long time when you are waiting, so don’t be alarmed if it seems to take forever.

You must use the Geomate Jr outdoors. It will not find a satellite if you turn it on indoors.

The Geomate Jr will only give you a reliable distance and direction to a cache if it is moving. If you stand still after it is on, or while you are waiting for it to connect, you will find that the direction and distance to the cache that is displayed is not correct. As soon as you start moving the Geomate Jr will reorient itself, and give you good information.

If you have purchased a Geomate Jr it will have come with a user’s manual, so there isn’t much point in replicating all the information it will provide on this web site. If, however, you acquired a used Geomate Jr without a manual, and have questions about it’s use, please use the form below to ask them, and we’ll see if we can help out.

For additional help you might also want to connect with the manufacturer of the Geomate Jr at this website address:

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