What Is A Geotrail

What is a geotrail? Well, when trying to figure out what a geotrail is, it helps to recognize that it’s one of your developing geosenses.


From time to time on this site you will see we refer to your geosenses.

After finding many geocaches you find you have begun developing your geosense without even knowing it. Soon you will have acquired the ability to identify and use a host of clues as you approach a new geocache GZ, and one of those clues is the geotrail.

And almost without knowing it, your geosenses, including spotting the geotrail, will help you zero right in on the exact locations of a geocache at the GZ.

So, what is a geotrail?

There are now over 1,000,000 geocaches in the United States alone, and millions more around the world. There are also millions of fellow geocachers out there chasing down the geocaches on a daily basis, so the odds are very good that the geocache you are seeking, if it has been around a while, will have been visited by dozens if not hundreds of other geocachers.

As you follow the GPS signal and approach the GZ, start paying close attention to the ground. If the ground around the cache is grass, shrubs and the like, the footsteps of the geocachers searching for this cacheĀ  before you will have beaten a trail down that leads right to the cache.

What is a geotrail? Here's one.While not the best example we’ve seen, this photo shows the ground beaten down as we walked down alongside the road following the GPS signal. We spotted the beaten down grass, followed the geotrail right to the post, and sure enough, the cache was hanging in a wire just behind the post.

Many geotrails?

You may find that there are a number of geotrails heading for a specific cache. The reason for that is not all geocachers approach a GZ from a specific direction. The more geocachers that use a similar path to the GZ, the more defined the geotrail will be.

Almost invariable the deepest and most clearly defined geotrail will be right at the GZ.

But there is no geotrail!

Of course, regardless of how skilled you are, there won’t be a geotrail when the ground is inhospitable to one. Parking lots are notorious for not displaying any evidence of the many geocachers that have come before you to that particular GZ.

That being the case, you will rely on other of your geosenses to help find the cache when there is no clearly defined geotrail to follow.

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