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Geocaching logs come in all shapes and sizes. Farther along this page is a log download link for you to use if you wish.

The purpose of geocaching logs is to allow a cache finder to note, in the log left inside the cache, the date they found that cache, and typically, the geocaching names of the cache finders.

While some C.O.’s will check their cache log to see who has visited, then actually check the geocaching logs to see if that finder has signed the log, most do not.

It is an honor system, by and large, though anecdotally we have learned that some C.O.’s have removed the on-line “found” record from the on-line log if the finder did not also sign the cache log, though. Clearly some folks take this seriously!

Micro sized geocache container

Micro cache sitting next to a dime! This one needs a really small geocaching log.

Geocaching logs are sometimes in rough shape!

We write about geocaching logs because you will find, as you locate geocaches (thousands, we hope) and try to date and sign the log, some geocaching logs are full, others are wet, others are missing, and some are just fine, allowing you to sign and be on your way to the next cache.

Geocaching etiquette suggests that if you have extra geocaching logs with you (see the page on geocaching kit), and the log in the cache you’ve just found is in bad shape, that you leave a new log in the cache to help out the C.O. and for the benefit of the geocachers that next find this cache.

If you do leave a new geocaching log typically you will mention this when updating your “finds” on It’s a big help to all of us int he geocaching world, as sometimes the C.O. cannot get to a cache to check it before a log is ruined or too full to add your date and name.

Geocaching logs vary in size

Since logs are found in gecocaches that are Nano or Micro in size, are film containers, pill bottles, small lock & lock containers, gallon jugs, ammo boxes and almost every container you can conceive of, one size log does not fit all.

Some geocaches are big enough that the C.O. has left a notebook as a log and also a pen or pencil to help cache finders sign the log.

Download a geocaching log

While there are lots of Nano or Micro caches out there, so too there are many, many larger caches.

If you are inclined to bring along some extra logs in your geocaching kit when you go geocaching, here is one that you can download to your computer and print on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper.

You can download this file and print your own extra geocaching logs.

You can download this file and print your own extra geocaching logs.

Download your geocache log files by clicking this link:  Download Geocaching PDF Log Sheet.

Once you have printed the log sheet cut out the individual logs and add them to your cache kit. We generally staple two or three together to make the replacement log last a little longer, to help out the C.O. though sometimes only one log sheet will fit in the smaller caches.

Feel free to forward this page URL to any of your geocaching friends that might want to download and print their own geocaching logs.


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