Open Geocaching

Garmin, a major world-wide supplier of GPS devices, have created Open Caching.

It’s a good move on their part, as the more folks that chase geocaches around the world, the more demand there will be for hand held GPS devices.

It makes us wonder why they would not ally themselves with Maybe they tried. Maybe there wasn’t a meeting of minds. Or maybe Garmin just wanted to be the driving force behind an alternate geocaching activity to give folks a choice? Who knows?

We do know that you now have a choice. You can be a part of, you can avoid them entirely and geocache with Open Caching, or you can do both.

Main Page of Open Geocaching

If you visit the URL, the image below is the home page you will see.


Open caching home page

You may not be able to see it clearly, but we have already typed ATLANTA into the search box “find geocaches now”, circled in red on the graphic. When you click on the magnifying glass found to the right in the search box, the following map appears.

Geocaches around Atlanta Georgia found on Open Caching

Geocaches around Atlanta Georgia found on Open Caching

All of the little brown circles with the “=” sign in them are geocaches that can be found around Atlanta. Using the plus and minus signs, you can zoon in or out on the map image. You can also grab the map and move it in any direction, and after you stop moving it, the new image repopulates with caches in that area.

Hovering Over a Geocache

When you mouse over one of the caches on the map, an image like the following appears.

Lots of info about each cache is found in the information window.

Lots of info about each cache is found in the information window.

The header of the information box tells you the name of the cache, in this case it’s Forrest Gump. This is the name the CO picked for the cache when they hid it and then registered the new cache with Open Caching.

Just below that on the top left it tells you that this one is a traditional cache.

The code “OX2GMQ1” is the registration number for this geocache on Open Caching.

Below the code is the geocaching name of who hid this cache, and below that are the latitude and longitude of this caches location.


To the right on the information window is a list of cache information including:

  • Difficulty: 1 is easiest to find, 5 is hardest, most difficult to find
  • Terrain: 1 is easiest to get to, and 5 is hardest and may require special equipment to find
  • Awesomeness: This is a descriptive measure with 1 being plain old cache, and 5 being something super spectacular about this cache or its location
  • Size: 1 will be a micro, very small cache with a 5 being a large bucket or even larger cache container

Want more information about Open Caching? Get it right here!

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