Unusual Geocaching Containers

On the page about ‘Cannot find a cache’ we talk a little bit about unusual geocaching containers and geocaches that are hard to find, including some that are completely inaccessible except to a select few, like the geocache on the International Space Station or the one reputedly on top of Mount Everest.

This page is specifically about unusual geocaching containers. There are some quite unique, well thought out, and carefully built geocaches out there. Here are photos of some we have found. And, we would love to hear from you about some of the weird and wonderful geocaches you have seen or found.

We would love to hear from you (please use the contact page) about unusual geocache containers you have found and will publish photos of special ones on this page.

Hello? Is that you?

Older model cell phone

An old phone… or is it?

We have taken a photo of an older model cellular phone we found recently. It’s displayed in the image above.

Yes, this is a geocache container, and the next photo shows how this clever geocacher made the phone into a unique geocache container. Very, very cool!

Old cell phone is unusual geocache container

Same phone, opened up to show the log tucked in a plastic bag inside the back of the phone.

The Zombie Geocache Container

We were taken aback when reading the description of a geocache recently. It went on and on about people bowling, zombies coming in, that a bowler would not stop bowling as they were close to a perfect game, and how the zombies attacked and tore that bowler apart.

Really ghoulish stuff and puzzling as to why it was there.

Well, then we found the geocache, and we finally got it! An absolutely great container.


Zombie geocache container - bowling ball with hand and arm still attached

The geocache container is a bowling ball, with the bowler’s hand and arm still firmly attached. A great geocache container. Thanks for the laugh!


Here’s another we really like. No indication in this next photo where the geocache is, but we assure you, it’s there. Can you spot it?
Hidden geocache container - about-geocaching.com

Another C.O. took a fairly basic geocache container, and turned it into something a little different.

Another unusual geocache container - www.about-geocaching.com



I don’t know about you, but I get spooked a bit about electricity, and am very, very careful about checking out hides near power and stuff. Well, here’s one geocache hide that had me spooked.

about-geocaching.com - interesting geocache

Can you spot it? Sorry that the image is on the side. That’s how I got it. This is a doorway into a public area. This geocacher modified the cover of an electrical outlet (seen top left of the image above) to make it magnetic. The door is steel. The log is very thin, and glued ( I think ) to the inside of the cover, and then the cover sticks to the door via the magnets. Very nifty. Looking at the logs, this hide stumped a lot of geocachers!

We would love to hear from you about all the unusual geocache containers you have found. Just use the comment box and image uploader below won’t you? Share you neatest find with the world of geocachers.

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