What is a geocache?

What is a geocache?  It could be almost any type of container to hold, at minimum, a log sheet.

Therefore, a good geocache container is one that is waterproof, to protect the contents from the weather. Geocaches are typically hidden outside, after all.

A geocache could be the size of a thumbnail in both diameter and height and made out of space age aluminum or plastic. Or, a geocache might be the size of a football or even larger.

The image just below is of a smaller geocache container, often called a Bison. The CO (cache owner) purchased this nifty geocache. This geocache container was built to hang or be inserted into something and it is typically water and weatherproof if closed properly. The newer versions of these now include an inner log container to help make sure the log stays dry. This geocache container is too small for cache trinkets, though being small is a plus for CO’s that don’t want their caches found too easily.

Small metal geocache container

Or, a geocache could be the size of the cache a friend found. Picture a watering trough for horses. Add a layer of artificial vegetation on the surface. Lift the fake grass and plants, and bingo, no water, but a huge geocache container… maybe the largest geo-cache ever?

Now think about that watering trough cache, and then have a look again at the mini-geocache pictured above – shown quite a bit larger than its actual size. This cache container could be a really sneaky one, though not as nasty as some hides. If you follow the co-ordinates (coords) on your GPS, and use your developing geocache experience, a geocache placed where this one was will soon be a pretty easy find for you.

On the home page of this site – About-Geocaching.com – is a photo of a cache that the cache owner tucked away in a saw palmetto patch in Florida. This next photo is that same cache, opened up, and gives you a better idea of how big this cache is, and the possibilities of hiding goodies, geocachig swag and a logbook, inside.

Open geocache container

This is a pretty big geocache container, though we’ve seen bigger. There is lots of room inside this cache for the necessary log (in this case it was an actual booklet and the CO left a pen inside too) along with some neat cache trinkets. Of course, the larger the cache is, the more difficult it is to hide well.

What is a geocache?

The geocache can be a really, really small geocache container. The micro cache shown below beside a dime, often has a magnet inside. The top screws off and a small scroll of paper is inside on which finders can log their visit. There isn’t much room for anything else. These micro caches can be very, very difficult to find, which makes the hunt all that much more enjoyable.

Micro sized geocache container

Here’s a tip. If your GPS gives you a clue that the Cords you are seeing is a micro cache, and the location appears to be a chain link fence, look on the fence pole near the bottom, on the wire side, for this sneaky little devil. After the cache has been placed, grass often grows up around the fence pole, and makes this micro almost impossible to find. Good luck!

Now you have a bit of an idea about what is a geocache,  have a look at what might be inside a geocache you find!

Comments about any unusual geocaches you own or have found are sure welcome. Add a comment to this page about unusual geocaches.

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