What is a Geocoin?

If you have geocached long enough, or maybe even on the day you find our first geocache, you are going to find geocoins in some of the caches you discover. What is a geocoin?

Geocoins are a geocacher’s, or a group of geocacher’s, personal souvenir or a personal calling card indicating that they have “been here”.

They are geocache swag. The geocacher’s that leave geocoins have them created just for for them, perhaps one that has an important theme such as motorcycles, or hang gliding, or even geocaching! Or, it could be a “stock” geocoin available from a number of vendors, with each series of geocoins having a specific theme.

Some geocoins celebrate famous events, some celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day, others commemorate important milestones in the life of the geocoin owner.


Geocoins – Photo: https://support.groundspeak.com

They are not free. They have to be purchased from a company that has the infrastructure in place to allow you to keep track of where the geocoin goes after you leave it in a cache.

Geocoins operate in a similar fashion to travel bugs, in that they are have a unique identification number on them. They differ from travel bugs in that they do not come in pairs. Rather, they come in significant numbers when you order them, and all geocoins have the same I.D. number on them.

What is the point of Geocoins?

A “store bought” geocoin will have an I.D. or serial number on it. It normally will also have a URL. If you visit that URL, you will likely be able to leave a note for that geocoin owner letting them know that you have found one of their geocoins. Or, you might mention that you found it in a certain geocache and are taking home with you too your city. The geocoin owner typically will want to know where their geocoins end up, and if you are good enough to let them know via the coin URL and tracking number, it will be appreciated.

Geocachers that have collected geocoins display them on some sort of wall board or in a frame.

The finding of a specific geocoin may coincide with part of a memorable trip, and having the geocoin found on that trip my be just enough to prompt your memories on down the line.

A geocoin is not a travel bug. All geocoins of a specific batch have the same serial number or I.D. number, so one individual geocoin isn’t trackable.

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