What is an Earth Cache?

Even some regular geocachers might wonder what is an earth cache?

A typical geocache is a container – often an “lock N lock” plastic box – that contains a log, maybe some swag, maybe a travel bug or two. But what if the geocache won’t fit in a container?

For example, what if the geocache is the top of Mount Everest?

That’s a bit excessive for most of us geocachers, yet the point we are trying to make is – what natural phenomenon around where you live is beautiful, unusual, unique to your area, and worth bragging about, as far as you are concerned? What is an Earth Cache? It is all of these.

What is an earth cache? Cotton tree in Jaimaica - www.about-geocaching.comFor example, the amazing Cotton Tree pictured above is located near a picturesque lighthouse in Jamaica’s West End. We think this would be an amazing Earth Cache. Why? Well as you can see from the picture, this Cotton Tree is huge, and the roots are beautiful. It’s very unique in this location. The location itself is pretty special too. If you have one of these unique and beautiful spots in the world, why not brag about it to all geocachers, and create an Earth Cache?

What is an Earth Cache?

So, we could share this location and experience with other geocachers by creating an Earth Cache, making the area a little more well known, and bringing other like-minded folks to it.

As a matter of fact, just out of frame on this photo is a lovely lighthouse located on the West coast of Jamaica, not far from downtown Negril, and another geocacher has already created an Earth Cache there. Earth cache in western Jamaica .

So what features on mother earth where you live might interest others in our geocaching world? Consider establishing an Earth Cache so it can be found by other Geocachers.

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