What is in a Geocache

What is in a geocache?

Well, one of the things you will find quite often is a note from the geocache owner to the finder of that particular cache. The note might say something simple like… “you found it”. More likely, the cache will include an explanation of what the cache is all about, including the request to leave the cache where it was found – and in the condition it was found – regardless if found by a geocacher or muggle (someone not wise in the ways of geocaching).

There could be many other items, yet, the one constant is every cache will contain a log of some sort on which the finder can add their geocaching name and the date they found this cache.

Some logs use a formal log, some include loose sheets of paper, other caches contain a pad or a small notebook, into which the cache finders inscribe their caching name and the date that they found this cache. The cache finder will often add the name of anyone else that is with them when they find the cache. If the cache log is of sufficient size, some cachers leave a short note for the interest of the next folks that find it.

The following photo is a formal log we recently found in a cache.

This is a more formal log which is available for purchase on line from a number of sources. Some keen geocachers have sticky labels made up so that they can "sign" the cache log with a label.

This is a more formal log which is available for purchase on line from a number of sources. Some keen geocachers have sticky labels made up so that they can “sign” the cache log with a label.

Depending on the size of the hidden cache, it could contain much more than a log sheet.

Geocache swag

A lot of geocachers, including ourselves, leave a little something besides our name in the log when we visit a cache that is big enough to leave swag in. Geocaches may contain a Travel Bug. Please see the page about Travel Bugs for more information about those.

Some folks leave coins, some folks leave little plastic figurines, some leave religious memorabilia, some swag is signed, some is not. The purpose of the swag is to add another element to the cache find, and to invite geocache finders to take something as a memento of their find, and to leave something behind that may be of interest to another geocacher!

Courtesy suggests that if you take something from the cache, that when you log your find at geocaching.com, you refer to what you took in your log. In particular, if you take swag from one cache and leave it at another, and this is common, we would always indicate on the log for the new cache where we found the swag we left there, particularly if it came from another cache. This is an informal way of getting a little piece of yourself out into the world. Who knows where your swag will end up? If geocachers find it and take it elsewhere, and then log that they have done so, your trinket might see the world before you do!


Swag found in a geocache

In this cache we found the explanatory note to the Muggles (being read at right), the cache log in the resealable platic envelope (a good idea to help prevent the log from being wet if the cache container fails), and assorted swag. We left a trinket too, but didn’t take any.

There is always a sense of excitement when we find a new cache, particularly if it is a larger one. What goodies will we find inside? If there is a Travel Bug, what’s it’s history and where is it headed?

You just never know what you’ll find!

Have you found any really neat swag in your geocaching adventures? Why not let us know as a comment below?

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