Where Are You

Geocaching.com asks, where are you?

No, we don’t think this is an invasion of privacy. We think it’s because, if geocaching.com knows where you are, then their system can deliver the latest geocache locations to you at your new location every time you log in to your account on geocaching.com.

Since we are blessed with being able to travel for extended periods each year, and part of our travel experience is to geocache wherever we go, we want to make sure that geocaching.com knows where our new “home” location is when we’ve settled into our new digs.

How to where are you?

To update your new “home” location is quite simple.

Log in to your geocaching.com account. When you log in, you’ll be on your home page. Look to the top right of the header and you’ll see something like this:

Where are you - geocaching.com sign in pageNote the little “gear” icon at the bottom right of the box? Click on it.

That will bring you to your “account settings” page similar to the one shown below. Down the left side is a navigation list.

where are you - account settings page of geocaching.com

Click on the “Home Location” link in this list, as shown beside the red arrow in the image above.

This will bring you to the page shown in the image below. See the red arrow? If you click this, geocaching.com will automatically find the location of your computer or smart device and make that location your new “home”. Simple and fast.

Where are you - home location page of geocaching.comAnd that’s it.

Now, when you get your weekly newsletter from geocaching.com, the local events and newest caches in the newsletter will be those closest to your new home location.

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