Who Is Signal?

When it comes to geocaching, who is Signal?

Have you been to any of geocaching’s major events somewhere in the world? if so, you’ve likely run into – or been run into by – Signal.

Who is Signal? Signal is the official mascot of geocaching.

Signal is a frog with an antenna!

You might ask, why a frog with an antenna? Why not? No other real animals have an antenna, and as mascots go, apparently no other mascot in the world is a frog with an antenna so geocaching has claimed it.

Signal the Frog - about-geocaching.com[wp_ad_camp_2]The Signal mascot for geocaching was created early on in the history of this pass time. The combination of frog and antenna is meant to show the correlation between where geocaching typically takes place (out of doors) and the technology used in the sport – the hand held GPS or the smart phone.

Signal appears at many of the major geocaching events held around the world.

Where there is geocaching, there are typically children, as geocaching is a family sport. The children love Signal. At events where Signal is and children are, the kids follow Signal around as if he was the Pied Piper!

Been to an event where Signal has appeared? If so, why not tell us about it and upload a pic – using the form below – for other folks to see?

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