Who Runs Geocaching?

Who runs geocaching?

Is there a geocaching governing body?

Do you have to be part of an “official” organization to take up geocaching?

Is there a cost involved?

How do you become a part of this marvellous pass time?

Geocaching Governing Body

If we consider the originators of the sport as the geocaching governing body, then yes, we have one.

The originators of the world of geocaching as we know it, and the current unofficial geocaching governing body, is a company called Groundspeak. They have developed and rolled out various geocaching type activities as their business. These outdoor-type activities are presented on their website. Contact information is provided below.

Becoming part of the official organization

Since there is an organizing body, and their system offers benefits to you as a geocaching participant, what that means is that if you want to take full advantage of ALL of the geocaching tools available on line through their hub, you are going to have to join their geocaching site.

That means forking over some bucks, for sure and for certain. In 2013 that’s $30 USF per year.

Then, I have to pay to geocache?

No, you don’t have to pay. Many people have joined in geocaching, use some of the features available, and thoroughly enjoy themselves, without ever having to spend an annual membership fee. You do this by visiting the geocaching site, and creating a basic account rather than the paid premium account.

Others like to play the game by tagging along with a geocaching member, just taking in the sights, visiting the caches, enjoying the outdoors, but have no desire to become an official part of the game themselves.

Yet you can join the worldwide community of geocaching without actually paying a fee.

Contact information for the geocaching governing body is:

Groundspeak Inc
837 N 34th Street Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98103
T: +1.206.302.7721

And, where you go to become a member of the worldwide geocaching fraternity, whether through a premium membership or a no cost membership is:


And Then There’s Open Caching

There is a certain GPS manufacturer by the name of Garmin who is a major manufacturer of GPS type devices which are sold around the world.

They have created an alternative geocaching experience for existing and budding geocachers. It is a free and open system for geocachers everywhere and it is called Open Caching.

Interested? Here is information about Open Caching.

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